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IS-Builder Log Wizard
The program simplifies analysis of IS-Builder log files.

The project is a tool, which makes it more simple to analyse IS-Builder log files.
IS-Builder means client part of DIRECTUM system (

In reality analysing IS-Builder log files requires use of different tools, including following:
- Microsoft Log Parser
- Log Parser Lizard
- Microsoft Excel
- Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio
- IS-Builder Log Viewer (internal tool to simplify viewing log files)

Being inspired with all these tools I still suffered because I needed to switch between them when analysing log files. Microsoft Log Parser is cool thing, which allows you to write complicated SQL-like queries to log files. But when there are a lot of data it becomes slow. And it lacks GUI. Log Parser Lizard on its behalf have GUI, but it cannot make queries to Microsoft SQl Server databases. And sometimes you just need to import logs into database to make your queries run quicklier. And also it lacks the ability to pretty print IS-Builder stack trace strings. The IS-Builder Log Viewer has nice feature of pretty printing IS-Builder log files, but you can see only one file in a one time and cannot make SQL-like queries. So I just wanted to merge most possible features in a one tool.

Main program window includes following areas:
  • area of SQL-query
  • area of query results:
    • grid view
    • chart view
    • plot view
    • messages views
  • area of pretty formatted stack trace

The queries may be written in Microsoft Log Parser SQL-like syntax if the specified source is log files.
If the specified source is database query they are written in standard SQL language.


In simple situations you may use chart and plot views.
The chart and plot are build based on the first two columns in the result dataset.


For large datasets the program supports nice feature of grid server mode (so it is possible to work with millions of rows). In these mode only the visible part of data are fetched to the client. For the feature to work the result dataset must include RecordID column and the table must have clustered index on it for the feature to work efficiently.

To import logs into database the wizard is implemented. The wizard merges all log files into cumulative TSV-file and then launches bcp utility to import data into database. Then wizard creates RecordID column and clustered index on it to make server mode queries possible.


The program is available only in russian language.

IS-Builder Log Wizard uses following libraries:
To write Microsoft Log Parser queries it is required to have Micrsoft Log Parser installed.

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